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                            Wuhan Jingyi Translation Ltd.
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                            Buyers' guide
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                            1. All the documents and materials should not violate laws and regulations of the country.

                            2. The client must guarantee that he or she has obtained the legal copyright of the original text.

                            3. The client must pay 50% of the total sum ahead of time while signing the contract with our company and pay the rest fees at the time of receiving the translated text. We will deliver the translated text right after we receive the receipt. If the customer fails to fetch the original and translated text within 30 days, we are entitled to put these materials at our disposal and claims for compensation as we negotiated.

                            4. After the completion of the translating, we will listen to your reasonable suggestions and provide free modifications until you are finally satisfied.

                            5. If the customer has any objections about the translation, you are recommended to offer a written modification request in seven days after receiving the translation, and we will make corrections freely in time. Otherwise, overdue will be regarded as an abandonment.

                            6. Normally, all materials provided by customers have been strictly kept confidential. Nevertheless, should there is any particular confidential requests, the client is required to inform us ahead of time, followed by the signing of confidential agreement between the two parties. Hence, rigorous measures will be taken by us.

                            7. The customer is required to list details on typeface, format, system, printing or we will handle it in accordance with the standard of original text and our language habits.

                            8. We will pay a return call to the clients on our service and improve our service, hoping to build up long and stable relations with the clients.

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                            Address:Wuhan Jianghan Area LingJiao Lake Wanda Square Office BuildingA3 Room1817 Mobile Phone:18062783961 18008631099
                            Telephone:027-85509559 Fax:027-85509559
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