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                            Wuhan Jingyi Translation Ltd.
                            AddressWuhan Jianghan Area LingJiao Lake Wanda Square Office BuildingA3 Room1817
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                            Service Range
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                              English, Japanese, Germany, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, 
                            Polish, Romanian, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Hindi, Malay, etc.

                            Specific range
                            Electronic, Machinery, Literature, Chemistry, Medicine, Armarium, Aviation, Automobile, Architecture, 
                            Telecommunications, Textile, Water conservancy, Transportation, Law, Finance, Petroleum, Energy 
                            sources, Environmental protection, Papermaking, Agriculture, etc.

                            Products Range
                            General files: letters, invitations, briefing materials, marketing materials, training materials, resumes, etc.
                            Business documents: imports and exports, finance, insurance, accounting, marketing, official documents, 
                            stocks, etc.

                            Legal documents: laws and regulations, conventions, written judgments, contracts, constitutions, treaties,
                             notarizations, etc.

                            Technical documents: technical specifications, operating instructions, information technologies, operation 
                            manual, etc.

                            Evaluation files: bid, assets appraisal, real estate appraisal, audit document, feasibility report, land appraisal, etc.
                            Engineering: bidding materials, product descriptions, catalogs, Installation guide, instructions, industrial 
                            standard, technical standard, etc.

                            Literature: essay, poetry, advertisement, etc.
                            Personal information: resume, application for admission, job application, academic certificate, academic 
                            transcript, visa application, written authorization, international, certificate, etc.

                            Liaison interpretation, Real-time interpretation, Simultaneous interpretation, Business negotiation, Large exhibition, Large and medium-sized conference, etc.

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                            Address:Wuhan Jianghan Area LingJiao Lake Wanda Square Office BuildingA3 Room1817 Mobile Phone:18062783961 18008631099
                            Telephone:027-85509559 Fax:027-85509559
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