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                            Telephone:027-85509559 Fax:027-85509559
                            Mobile Phone:18062783961 18008631099
                            Wuhan Jingyi Translation Ltd.
                            AddressWuhan Jianghan Area LingJiao Lake Wanda Square Office BuildingA3 Room1817
                            Telephone: 027-85509559
                            Fax: 027-85509559
                            Mobile Phone:18062783961
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                                     Wuhan Jingyi Translation Ltd. is a large legally authorized translation company which was approved by the Wuhan Industrial and Commercial Bureau. The company is composed by a group of expertsprofessors, senior translators and foreign scholars from top universities at home and abroad, providing translation services for global clients in more than thirty languages like English, French, Germany, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Italian. The establishing of the company has gained strong supports from Wuhan University, Hubei Translators Association and other authorities. Taking advantage of various talents we have employed from universities such as Wuhan University, Central China Normal University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Shanghai International Studies University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, we are devoted to providing our clients with the best translation services. In order to ensure the high quality of these services, the proportion of masters has taken up 90% of our staff.

                                     The company takes over translation tasks in more than fifty areas including Electron, Machinery, Literature, Chemistry, Medicine, Architecture, Telecommunications, Textile, Water conservancy, Transportation, Law and etc, offering various solutions for our clients.

                                     The company has adhered to the concept of showing respect to our customers, dedicating to our work, and maintaining a strict standard for the quality. We are making great efforts to realize the highest state of satisfying our clients needs.

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                            Address:Wuhan Jianghan Area LingJiao Lake Wanda Square Office BuildingA3 Room1817 Mobile Phone:18062783961 18008631099
                            Telephone:027-85509559 Fax:027-85509559
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